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Live guard monitoring at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time security. Say no to rent-a-cops
and yes to AI powered threat tracking backed up by highly trained professional guards.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

My wife called me while I was in a meeting – she was with kids and scared. The Homeland guards got on the 2-way transmitter and de-escalated the situation. That’s exactly why I wanted this.

Tony Washington

Los Angeles, CA

Homeland Surveillance is undoubtedly changing the security industry. They have literally stopped every burglary attempt. Before Homeland, we tried several alternatives that just didn’t do the job. In less than 2 months, Homeland prevented 3 crimes.

Anders Willson

CEO, Cape May, NJ

The wireless camera system was easy to set up, install and activate. The Homeland team held my hand and talked me through it when I had an issue. Love the app and the live guard monitoring. This is exactly what I needed.

Angie Miller

Home-owner, Poughkeepsie NY

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Criminal Elements





Criminal Elements

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Ask your broker or insurance provider to confirm that your policy has discounts
in place for comprehensive CCTV coverage.

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Andrew is one of many business owners that trust our system to help keep their businesses safe

How Live Monitoring Works

0 Sec-Homeland Security Yard Sign

The Homeland Security yard sign is a deterrent that says: “This is the wrong home to mess with. It is armed with the only proactive security system out there.”

0.25 Sec-Camera Detects Motion

Motion wakes the camera and it immediately starts to record video to the hub over a secure private wireless signal.

2 Sec- Artificial Intelligence Assesses the Situation

Artificial Intelligence on the Hub separates potential threats like humans from useless events such as cars driving by. The bright red LED ring starts spinning when potential threats are detected.

4 Sec- Guards Engaged

The hub streams the live video feed via your high-speed internet connection to Deep Sentinel’s secure cloud.

10 Sec- Guard Evaluation

A guard at our Homeland Security center is assigned to the live video stream in realtime, analyzing all the information to decide whether an intervention is necessary. Guards respond in seconds.

13 Sec- Guard Intervention

Guards intervene directly using the camera’s 2-way 104dB audio or built-in siren. Often, a “hello” is all that’s needed.

25 Sec- Law Enforcement Contacted

Guards call local law enforcement and the homeowner. Calls to law enforcement are taken seriously because Homeland Security reports a “verified” active situation including suspect description & suspicious behavior.

See it in action!

Real Live Guard Interventions
Recorded By Our System

Wired & Wireless Options

HSI Custom Wired Power Over Ethernet Camera System

HSI Premium Wireless Monitoring Pack - Includes 4 Cameras and 1 Year of Free Surveillance

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Backups When you Need ‘em

7 Years of Backups - Just in case

If you need to access previous footage for any reason, access up to
7 years of recordings easily and quickly (sold separately).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With out easy-to-use app, you can see everything our guards see, control the cameras, turn them on and off, and communicate via the built in two way sound.

Absolutely. If you prefer that we contact local security and not the police, we can accommodate.

Yes. Installing the cameras is simple and can be done in minutes. No special expertise required.

Our AI system monitors your cameras after work hours (unless you set the system to go off). When movement is detected after business hours, the image is popped up on screen in front of a highly trained guard who assesses whether there is an actual threat or something harmless. If the behavior appears suspicious, the guard will intervene.

Quite literally, minutes per camera.

You can set the cameras to privacy in a click via app, and you can also schedule on/off times in case you want privacy during specific times on a schedule.

We offer this as an option as well. Contact us directly for more information.

To Get A Fully Wired Setup

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